Hardware Determination for a Spherical Attitude Control Prototype

John Compas


To find alternative approaches to conventional reaction wheels, a spherical reaction device utilizing magnetic bearings is proposed. A single spherical rotor could provide three axis control and thereby solve many of the issues with conventionally lubricated reaction wheels. To determine and gain experience with the hardware needed to create such a prototype, a simpler one-degree-of-freedom design is described in this paper. The reduced complexity of this system allows many different topologies to be tested quickly while still retaining enough intricacy to be useful. After a few attempts with an analog control circuit and other microcontrollers, the Advanced Motor Drive Controller was utilized. Although still under development in the Severson Group at the Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics (WEMPEC) lab, it will provide enough control capabilities to eventually manage the one DOF test case and then, ultimately final prototype.


Attitude Control; Reaction Wheels; Magnetic Bearings

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.17307/wsc.v1i1.247


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