Examining Supernova Remnant GSH054-00+003

Cheuk Man Lo, Shauna Sallmen


Supernova remnants play a key role in galactic evolution. Therefore, studying them intensively can improve our understanding of the process. In this project, we studied the neutral hydrogen shell GSH054-00+003 located at RA 292.75o and DEC 18.25o that was found in the SETHI dataset. We found its reference velocity to be 3km/s. After matching it with the Galactic rotation curve and spiral structure, we found its distance to be 10kpc away. Based on this and geometry, we estimated its size to be 245 pc. Using computer analysis of its HI spectrum, we determined the expansion velocity to be 8.6km/s. We therefore can calculate its age and kinetic energy. Assuming the number density of the ambient interstellar medium to be 1 atom/cm3, we calculated its energy to be . Through comparison to computer models of shell evolution, we estimated it was formed by approximately 5 to 10 supernovae. A simple age estimation is 14 million years. Although this is an over estimate, the slow expansion and absence of x-ray emission indicate the shell is old. We conclude that a cluster of supernovae formed this old shell. 

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.17307/wsc.v0i0.9


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